Quality System

As a trusted electrical product corporation semitel provide product and service that meet or exceed customer's expectation.

The following areas are part of our total quality system.

Training is the basis for any continual improvement program. These programs include on-the-job training, statistical process control, design of experiments, and cycle time reduction.

Control of materials: Materials are purchased from manufacturers whose performance in business has been proven in accordance with the purchase specification created by semiteI. Once purchased, materials are subjected to appropriate quality tests based on semiteI's internal standards. If there is any change in purchasing routes, type or grade of materials, the respective quality assessment is exercised once again from the initial approval stage to make sure quality is maintained at the specified level. Process assurance To achieve the objective of eliminating defects as efficiently as possible and at their very source, quite different measures are taken. Modern quality tools such as FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) are used already during the starting phase: A risk-priority figure is assigned to potential defects according to their significance as well as to the probability of occurrence and detection. In case of high risk-priority figures, remedial measures are taken from the beginning. During production all essential processes are subject to statistical process control (SPC).

Corrective and preventive measures Quality issues are handled by interdisciplinary Q teams using the 8D (8 disciplines) method. This method is also applied for handling customer complaints. The focus is on eliminating quality problems from the very start. If a problem has occurred nevertheless, the target is quick response and effective elimination.

100% On-Time Delivery is measured against the corporation 's promised delivery date. Our goal is to reduce cycle time, and improve quality so the customer's request date becomes the basis for the measurement.

Modification Control Any and all modifications in design, process, facilities, equipment, materials shall conform to semitel's internal standards to prevent a quality problem. No modification in specifications and characteristics shall be authorized without approval of customers.
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