Reliability Equipment Introduction

Penang electronics limited laboratory was established in June 2004. The total fixed asset value is 15 million yuan, with more than 30 sets of various kinds of instruments and equipment of higher level at home and abroad. In 2015, obtained UL witness laboratory qualification certificate. The laboratory has a group of experienced high-quality professionals, always with advanced scientific test methods, rigorous and efficient work attitude, to provide reliable and effective test results for the company and customers. It can not only meet customer product and solution verification, promote solution design and verification test, shorten customer product development cycle; Also can meet the company's internal product performance, product development, product characteristics and other research testing requirements. The laboratory is free of charge to our customers and charges certain fees to non-customers.

Daily test items of EMC laboratory: Lighning/Surge, ESD, EFT, ringing wave, etc.

Daily test items of material analysis laboratory: analysis of morphology, energy spectrum, metallography, structure, etc.

Does the reliability lab daily test project: rapid temperature, constant temperature and humidity, HAST, steam aging, salt spray, drop, vibration, etc.